Fix for roku error code 014, 003, 009, 001

roku error code 014, 003, 009, 001

Are you searching for a solution to fix roku error code 014, roku error code 003, roku error code 009, roku error code 001 or roku remote troubleshoot. Then you are at the right place, We will guide you to fix your roku error code 014 easily and instant. All you have to do is read this article. The process is a bit complicated thought but if you want us to fix it for you then you can call at roku technical support number. 1800-717-2062. Sit tight we will fix your roku error code 014, 003, 009, 001.

Fix roku error code 014, roku error code 003, roku error code 009, roku error code 001

If you’re getting the any of the above errors on your TV screen while trying to connect your Roku Device wtih a wireless connection, just follow the steps given below to fix it.
First you need to confirm that are you able to plug the Roku into the network by using an Ethernet cable?
The main reason for the Error Codes 014, 003, 009, 001 is outdated wireless firmware, but connecting your Roku Player to Internet using an Ethernet cable allows the Roku to download the latest and greatest firmware.
Well, if you are able to get into the network, you can either have this setup permanently OR try connecting the Roku to the Internet while being on the Ethernet cable and get past this outdated firmware by updating it. (It’s a long process but an easy one and you can do this easily if you follow the following steps carefully.)
You can do that by pressing a combination of buttons that will force a software update. To do that press the following buttons on your Roku remote:
  1.  Press the Home button 5 times
  2. Press the Fast Forward button 3 times
  3.  Press Rewind button 2 times
Then you’ll see a new screen where you  can see your IP address and an option to update  your software.
After this you’ll need to disable the network pings. In order to do that press the following combination on the remote.
  1. Home button 5 times
  2.  Fast Forward button 1 time
  3.  Play button 1 time
  4.  Rewind button 1 time
  5.  Play button 1 time
  6.  Fast Forward button 1 time
This will take you to another secret screen  where you’ll see an option to disable network pings. Click that option and restart your Roku setup.
Hopefully these previous steps should be enough to fix the issue.
But if you are still getting the same error code, don’t panic,  you can always Factory reset your Roku Player. After that you’ll need to start the process of setting up your roku again.

How To Setup Roku After Roku Error Code 014

Now let’s set your Roku up again:

  1.  After restarting your Roku Player, you will be seeing a screen asking you to select your time zone. You obviously need to put your correct time zone then click on “done.”
  2. On the next screen, it will display a unique code to link your Roku player to the Network. Open a browser either on your computer or on your smartphone and go to this website
  3.  Enter the code displayed by your Roku player on your TV.
  4.  Log into your Roku account and follow all the steps given there, which will include you selecting a payment method and selecting your initial list of channels. This will be the final step of the linking process.
If you are still facing problems then what you can do is, contact 1800-717-2062 where a Roku technical expert can also help you resolve that issue over the phone in a couple of minutes or so. Best thing about this awesome new service is that you get to talk to real repairmen in the US which is trained in fixing all your Roku related issues and This service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of related to Roku Player. Hopefully all your roku error codes 014, 003, 009, 001 are fixed. Apart from this the roku technical expert team deals with roku activation.